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The company held the 2017 annual meeting of shareholders

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On the morning of May 15, 2018, the 2017 annual shareholders' meeting was held in the conference room of the six floor of the company's office building. Company directors Chen Bo, Yao Jinnan, Wang Qing, staff supervisor Zhang Zhiyuan, and shareholders of the company attended the meeting. Yao Jinnan, director of the company, was presided over by the board of directors. A total of 9 bills, such as the bill on the work report of the Zhejiang vanguard machinery Limited by Share Ltd board of directors, and the bill on the report of the Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery Limited by Share Ltd board of supervisors on the work report of the 2017 annual supervisory committee of the Pioneer Machinery in Zhejiang, were examined and adopted at the conference.
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